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Professionals and motivators for your company

We connect competitive athletes with companies who are active as SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY members.

In times of increasing shortage of skilled workers, the search for people with a strong sense of achievement, commitment, a clear attitude and the necessary discipline to achieve goals is particularly prominent.

The added value and benefits for companies are obvious, from internal personnel development and employer branding to brand ambassadors or testimonials in and for the company.

“The companies are there for the people and not vice versa, the people for the companies”

This sentence comes from Robert S. Hartman (1910 – 1973), the pioneer of formal value science. His ideas were revolutionary in his time. They are relevant and more current than ever. What seems obvious and yet could never be explained, he proved mathematically: Human is always more valuable than things. And that in turn is more valuable than rules or systems.

Agile CSR role model instead of rigid certification

Committed companies have the exclusive opportunity to work together with former athletes. This cooperation results in a mutually beneficial, agile process that brings CSR structures to life – in personal and corporate everyday life.

Living CSR is not a one-shot, but a marathon and a long-term process. Our experts and specialists support the implementation of the mindset change – for example with the APEX Declaration of Excellence powered by SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY.

This holistic view of development opportunities forms the framework and is based on continuous development.


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