It’s time to take over responsibility

Making our world a more valuable place takes all of us – as individuals, as entrepreneur and as companies.

It’s time to create impact. Are you with us?

What we do?

We as SPORT SOCIAL SOCIETY are the interface between sport, business and society. We support deserving athletes in launching a successful second career in professional life. In doing so, we pave the way for companies to find urgently needed skilled workers.

Because professional athletes know that performance is based on hard work, personal responsibility and perseverance. They know how to celebrate victories and have also learned to learn from setbacks. Values that are essential for sporting and professional success.

Sport unites values like health, public spirit, courtesy, tolerance, respect, and fairness, that impact a desirable society.

Social sport society

is the Match-Maker between:
  • Companies and Athletes
  • Athlete career and professional career

Our goal:

Bring sports intelligence and mindset into the business world.

How we do it?

With its EMPOWER! program, SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY lays the foundation for successful athletes to become equally successful employees. Scientific analysis, individual coaching and accompanying support are the three success factors on this path.

SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY creates a customized concept for companies to successfully integrate athletes into their professional environment. Only when the strengths of the individual match the strengths of the company does this make the desired long-term cooperation possible.

I have a dream

when Dr. Andrea-Alexa Kuszák hears this song by ABBA, it clicks. Her dream is to develop something where everyone really wins, that creates an impact and resonates with her work to date, which is characterized by the conviction: We need social leadership in our society – No ifs, no buts.


As founder, she brought SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY to life with partners such as Alicja Feltens, Rolf Amann and Jürgen Siegemund. Together they started the valuable cooperation following her business motto: Vision – Structure – Networking.

All partners are enthusiastic about the idea and committed to its implementation – together with the community, which is growing daily.

SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY is an idea, a platform, a movement ... in the spirit of the legend of the grain of rice.


Interested in learning more about what’s behind SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY

and how you can become a part of it?

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