For Athletes


Career planning for athletes with EMPOWER!

SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY supports athletes during and after their sports career on the way to a professional reorientation. We start where other support stops and leaves the athlete alone.

The athletes qualify for the EMPOWER! programm through value based profiling, which identifies talents, interests and aptitude. Athletes are coached in 1:1 sessions.

They bring willingness to perform, commitment and attitude from their sports career. SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY gives them orientation, professional and emotional security for their professional future. We take care for sustainable and long-term planning and implementation of this new phase in their lives.

Professionals and motivators for your company

We connect competitive athletes with companies who are SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY members by means of donations and/or sponsorships.

Athletes are accompanied by SOCIAL SPORT SOCIETY. Committed companies are supporting. This cooperation results in a mutually beneficial agile process, adding value in personal and corporate everyday life.


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